Excelente amplificador de 80 W de potencia de transistores con buen sonido cristalino

Recién revisado con condensadores nuevos. Estado Perfecto

Adjunto manual pdf


  • Reverberación con pedal con control en el panel frontal
  • Sistema AGX (Expansión Automática de Ganancia)
  • Entradas activas / pasivas
  • Operación de 2 canales (limpieza y distorsión)
  • Conmutador de selección de canal, panel frontal o conmutador de pedal
  • Agudos / medios / bajos w / Mid Scoop Switch
  • Jacks de efectos de bucle (enviar y devolver)
  • Salidas de línea
  • Salidas de preamplificador duales
  • Salida de auriculares

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Excellent 80W power amplifier

Been like new

Footswitch reverb with front panel control
AGX System (Automatic Gain Expansion)
Active / passive inputs
2-channel operation (cleaning and distortion)
Channel select switch, front panel or footswitch
Treble / Mid / Bass w / Mid Scoop Switch
Loop effect jacks (send and return)
Line outputs
Dual preamp outputs
Headphone output

The Rocktron Rampage RT80 combo amp offers 80 watts and a 12 «Rocktron Velocity high-definition speaker. Velocity speakers are a Rocktron exclusive design. With incredibly high gain and quiet operation, the RT80 is comfortable in all situations. set Features Rocktron’s exclusive patented AGX circuitry AGX (Automatic Gain Expansion) system solves the longstanding problem of residual noise found by guitarists when using high gain distortion AGX circuitry expands circuit gain amplification only when required based on input level. When no signal is present, the AGX circuit reduces the amplification level to a point where «hum» and «noise» are dramatically reduced. Let it rip to a volume. high without the usual residual noise.

In live situations, in the studio, and at home, Rocktron Rampage Series amplifiers deliver the sound and output that is Rocktron’s hallmark. The sound of the RT80 can be contoured to bring the crisp, bright tones that are a staple of pop rock to the heavy, overdriven and destructive sound of mega metal. Take a look at the middle zone: the sound of the «heavily powered tube» and the huge «soft» and «wide» sound of modern music today are at your fingertips.

The Rampage RT80 has a built-in chromatic tuner, which allows you to tune your guitar without disconnecting your amp. Wrap it in a sturdy, sturdy, open-back cabinet with a durable cover, corners and grip, and it has an amp that will «kick your butt» in all situations

You can see and try in Murcia
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I attend whatsapp: 689569284


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